James Payton
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James Payton inside the Car
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Appearances Ride Along
Ride Along 2
Portrayed by Ice Cube

James Payton is one of the two main characters in the action comedy film, Ride Along franchise. He is portrayed by producer, Ice Cube.


James and his little sister, Angela were tossed from foster home to foster home after their parents died, so James really couldn't trust anybody but only his sister. James takes Ben on a ride along so he can prove to James that he is illegible of marrying Angela, but James takes Ben to numerous 126s which Ben later finds out and almost gets himself killed during one. James has also been trying to find Omar, Detroit's most notorious criminal who has never been seen, not even his henchmen have seen him. James has been on a search to find him, but everybody told him he wouldn't until with the help of Ben's video game skills they were able to find Omar and eventually defeat him.


James is now an APD cop/detective who doesn't work with anyone but himself. James can be seen as emotionless, hot-headed, risk-taking, a unbeliever, and a overprotective older brother. James doesn't follow any of his boss' rules but does things his way. James, at first didn't like Ben because he thought he wasn't the right guy for Angela and because he accidentally set him on fire at a barbecue. After the whole day of mayhem, almost getting themselves killed, and finding a most wanted criminal, James gives Ben his blessing to marry Angela.